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(Microdalyellia (Gieysztoria) hymanae) = Gieysztoria hymanae

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A close to the river Pirajussara a tributary of river Pinheiros, 1 km south of Butantan, near São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil 903
Sep, Oct 1945 default type         Marcus Er (1946): 42
B Brooklyn Paulista a suburb of the city of São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil 904
May 1946 default type         Marcus Er (1946): 42
C Rio de la Plata estuary, near Buenos Aires, Argentina 4958
2008 or earlier           Brusa F, Damborenea C, Noreña C (2008):
D Lake Mangueira, Brazil 7745
Feb 18, 2019           Reyes J, Binow D, Vianna RT, Brusa S, Martins SE (2021): 18

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