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Eumecynostomum altitudi Faubel & Regier, 1983

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Swedish West Coast, mouth of Gullmarsfjord (Gullmarsfjorden), Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Sweden 55
Jul 2000           Tekle YI, Raikova OI, Ahmadzadeh A, Jondelius U (2005): 2
B sublittoral station off Aberdeen, North Sea 76
Jun 1976 type locality 80 m coarse sand mixed with about 20% calcareous shell gravel (Md=340um)   sediment well oxygenate (Eh= + 100 to + 300mV. Faubel A, Regier S (1983): 2

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