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Procerodes lacteus

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Sakhalin Island (Ostrov Sakhalin, Saghalien, Karafuto), Russia 4277
July 1906 default type       Numerous specimens of this species were captured by the late Professor Ijima beneath stones on the beach between Yukanki and Meleya in the Saghalin in July, 1906 Ijima I, Kaburaki T (1916): ; from Kaburaki 1922 (citation)- p 2
B Akkeshi (Akkesi) Bay, Hokkaido, Japan 4219
Jul 13, 1933         numerous specimens from under stones between tidemarks at Siribazaki in Akkeshi Bay. Kato K (1937): 131

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