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Geoplana vaginuloides

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A in a city garden near the city of São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil 1060
1951   terrestrial     numerous animals. Marcus Er (1952): 76, 113
B Vila Atlanticâ, 40 km to the west of Santos, at the foot of Serra do Mar, Brazil 1061
1951   terrestrail cultivated banana     Marcus Er (1952): 76, 113
C Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1724
Jun 1832 type locality terrestrial     under bark of a decayed tree in the forest. Darwin C (1844): 244; date derived from Darwin 1945 (citation)
D Serra dos Órgãos, Serra dos (Organ Mountains), Brazil 3881
1938 or earlier         Barreira, Wasserstation der Bahn nach Therezopolis in etwa 500 m Höhe, Südosthang des Orgel-Gebirges, Staat Rio de Janeiro. Riester A (1938): 85
E Terezopolis (Therezopolis, Teresopolis), State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4336
1938 or earlier         Therezopolis, Sommerfrische im Staate von Rio de Janeiro. Riester A (1938): 87
F Eldorado (Xiririca), Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil 4607
Nov 1, 1947         Eldorado, debaixo de uma pedra; 1 exemplar. Marcus Er (1951): 55
G Mount Aripo (El Cerro del Aripo), Trinidad and Tobago 4612
Nov 1, 1947         A localidade "Mount Aripo, Trinidad". May be some uncertainty, see page 56 discussion. Marcus Er (1951): 56

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