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(Leptoplana droebachensis Ørsted, 1845) = Notoplana atomata

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Suez Canal (Qanat as Suways, Qana el Suweis), Egypt 2797
1924           Palombi A (1928): [location from Louise Bush notes on literature for this species, see card or notes]
B Plymouth Sound (Sound, Plymouth-Sund), English Channel (Kanal La Manche), United Kingdom 2649
1883 or earlier         Recently, specimens from Plymouth Sound have reached me which agree in almost every particular with L. Droebachensis, Oe., as described by Jensen, and it appears probable that this species has hitherto been confused on our coasts with L. tremellaris. Gamble FW (1893): 46
C Drobak (Dröbak, Dröback), Norway 254
1844 or earlier default type       Kjønsmodne Individer. Ørsted har fundet den ved Drøbak. Örsted AS (1845): 415; from Jensen 1878 (citation)- p. 77
D Alverstraum (Alvaerstroem, Alvärström, Alvaerström), 2 miles north of Bergen, Norway 1201
1878 or earlier   3.7-11 m     Arten er funden i Alvaerstøommen talrig paa Rødderne af Laminarier i en Dybde af 2 - 6 Favne. September. Jensen OS (1878): 77
E Los Chalanos Beach, Muros de Nalón, Asturias, Cantabrian coast (North Atlantic) of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain 7341
Sep-Nov 2012         Intertidal zone among sand and gravel under stones. Marquina D, Fernández-Álvarez FA, Noreña C (2015):

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