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Gulf of Naples (Bay of Naples, Neapel, Napoli), Italy

latitude: 40.716667     40°43'0"N
longitude: 14.166667     14°10'0"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
[Site Named Here by name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication]

Collected here:

Convoluta punctata1952litorallitoral and marine caves.
Convoluta sordida1878 or 1879
Convoluta cinereus1878 or 1879
Convoluta paradoxaprior to 1882
Mesostoma neapolitanumprior to 18821 speciment found between Ulven
Macrorhynchus naegeliiprior to 1882
Hyporhynchus setigerusprior to 1882
Hyporhynchus penicillatusprior to 1882everywhere but rare
Anoplodium schneideriprior to 1882
Solenopharynx flavidusprior to 18822 specimens in Ulven (Ulva lactuca).
Plagiostomum maculatumprior to 1882in Ulven (Ulva) .
Plagiostomum reticulatumprior to 1882in Ulven (Ulva)
Vorticeros auriculatumprior to 1882
Vorticeros luteumprior to 1882
Monotus lineatusprior to 1882
Monotus bipunctatusprior to 1882
Proporus venenosus1878 or earlier
Aphanostoma diversicolor1882 or earlier
Convoluta paradoxa1866 or earlier
Plagiostomum girardi1955 or earlier
Hofsteniola pardiiOct, Nov 19552-8 mvery rare and difficult to find even in areas where it has been found. Found on the plant Posidonia.
Haplodiscus ussowi1889pelagic
Trigonoporus cephalophthalmusprior to 1884Melobesia zone of Secca di Gajola, Bay of Naples, Italy
Anonymus virilisprior to 1884
Planaria siphunculusprior to 1928
Graffilla muricicola1913 or earlierin the kidney of Murex trunculus L. and Murex brandaris L. Parasite.
Umagilla forskalensis1906 or earliergut of Holothuria forskalii.
Umagilla forskalensis1953 or earliergut of Holothuria forskalia.
Syndesmis echinorum1913 or earlierin sea urchins [Strongylocentrotus droebachensis (Müll.), S. lividus Brdt., Sphaerechinus granularis A.Ag., Echinus sphaera Müll., E. acutus Lam.]
Anoplodium parasita1953 or earlierparasite in Holothuria tubulosa and Stellata.
Anoplodium gracile1953 or earlierparasite in Holothuria forskalii.
Anoplodium gracile1906 or earlierparasite in Holothuria forskalii Chiaje
Anoplodium graffi1892 or earlierparasite in Holothuria impatiens Gm.
Collastoma minutum1906 or earlierin the gut of Phymosoma granulatum F.S. Leuckart.
Typhlorhynchus nanus1902 or earlierectoparasite on Nephthys scolopendroides Chiaje
Promesostoma marmoratum1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Promesostoma marmoratum marmoratum1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Promesostoma marmoratum nudum1913 or earlier
Promesostoma ovoideum ovoideum1913 or earlier
Promesostoma solea solea1913 or earlier
Paramesostoma neapolitanum1913 or earlier
Polycystis mamertina1913 or earlier
Prostomum immundum1857 or earlier
Mesostomum chlorosticum1857 or earlier
Plicastoma bimaculatum1913 or earlier
Mecynostomum filiferumApr 19584 msandReiner Mittelsand aus 4 m Wassertiefe, vor "Villa Galotti".
Boreocelis urodasyoidesApr 19584 msandReiner Mittelsand aus 4 m Wassertiefe, vor "Villa Galotti".
Heterochaerus langerhansi1952marine caves.
Tyrrheniella sigillata19521.0-1.2 mmarine caves.
Planocera graffi1884 or earlierassociated with Balanus, Halichondria, Penares, Lithodomus, Halichondria-Astroides.
Prosthiostomum siphunculus1828 or earlierassociated with Posidonia.
Leptoplana pallida1845 or earlierassociated Halimeda-Peyssonelia, Euspongia-Lithodomus.
Planocera graffi1884 or earlierassociated with Balanus, Halichondria, Penares, Lithodomus, Halichondria-Astroides.
Ceratopera gracilisMar 1958"Villa Rendel", between Posidonia and algae (Caulerpa, Cryptonemia u.a.). Few specimens.
Archimonocelis mediterranea1938 or earlierType material was stored the Zoological Museum of Berlin and destroyed during the Second World War.
Sopharynx typhlops1929 or earlier
Lenopharynx languidus1929 or earlier
Cestoplana raffaelei1928 or earlier
Anoplodium pusillum1892 or earlierfrom body cavity of Holothuria poli.
Typhlorhynchus nanus1902 or earlierfrom Nephthys scolopendroides.
Cerbussowia cerruti1909 or earlier
Planaria nesidensis1822 or earlierGulf of Genua and Nizza, Italy.
Prostheceraeus violaceus1822 or earlier
Pseudoceros muelleri1829 or earlierNaples, Gulf of Naples.
Macrostomum parthenopeum1951
Haplodiscus ussowi1905 or earlierGolf von Neapel und Messina.
Proporus venenosus violaceous1882 or earlierMittelmeer (Neapel).
Otocelis rubropunctata1905 or earlierMittelmeer (Neapel)
Syndesmis echinorum1895 or earlierfrom Sphaerechinus granularis (Toxopneustidae).
Cestoplana faraglionensis1884 or earlier
Discocelis tigrina1884 or earlier
Thysanozoon brocchii1933 or earlier

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