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Kola Peninsula (Halbinsel Kola, Alexandrowsk, Kandalakscha, Kantalahti, Alexandrovsk), Russia

latitude: 68.883331     68°52'59.99"N
longitude: 33.016666     33°0'60"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
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Collected here:

Stenostomum grande Child, 19021923 or earlier
Stenostomum unicolor Schmidt, 18481923 or earlier
Stenostomum leucops (Duges, 1828)1923 or earlier
Rhynchoscolex simplex Leidy, 18521923 or earlier
Macrostomum appendiculatum Fabricius, 18261923 or earlier
Syndesmis echinorum Francois, 18861913 or earlierin sea urchins [Strongylocentrotus droebachensis (Müll.), S. lividus Brdt., Sphaerechinus granularis A.Ag., Echinus sphaera Müll., E. acutus Lam.]
Castrada (Castrada) inermis Hofsten N, 19111925 or earlierpools and moorland ditches of high moutain locations (altitudes 1780-2400 m).
Castrada (Castrada) instructa Hofsten N, 19071925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) stagnorum Luther, 19041925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) hofmanni Braun, 18851925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) viridis Volz, 18981925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) intermedia (Volz, 1898)1925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) armata (Fuhrmann, 1894)1925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) neocomensis Volz, 18981925 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) luteola Hofsten N, 19071925 or earlier
Mesostoma lingua (Abildgaard, 1789)1925 or earlier
Polycystis crocea (Fabricius, 1826)1913 or earlier
Pseudostomum quadrioculatum (Leuckart, 1847)1913 or earlier
Dalyellia ornata Hofsten N, 19071932 or earlier
Dalyellia infundibuliformis (Fuhrmann, 1894)1932 or earlier
Dalyellia armigera Schmidt, 18611932 or earlier
Castrella (Castrella) truncata (Abildgaard, 1789)1932 or earlierlake.
Opistomum tundrae Nasonov, 19231924 or earlier
Olisthanella arctica Nasonov, 19231924 or earlier
Olisthanella septentrionalis Nasonov, 19241924 or earlier
Strongylostoma radiatum (Müller, 1774)1932 or earlier
Strongylostoma elongatum Hofsten N, 19071932 or earlier
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum (Müller, 1774)1932 or earlier
Tetracelis marmorosa (Müller, 1773)1932 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) stagnorum stagnorum Luther, 19041932 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) sphagnetorum Luther, 19041932 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) libidinosa Hofsten, 19161932 or earlier
Mesostoma lingua (Abildgaard, 1789)1932 or earlier
Mesostoma murmanicum Nasonov, 19231932 or earlier
Polycystis goettei Bresslau, 19061932 or earlier
Gyratrix hermaphroditus hermaphroditus Ehrenberg, 18311932 or earliermoss, leafs.
Prorhynchus stagnalis Schultze, 18511932 or earlierdamp earth, moss.
Geocentrophora baltica (Kennel, 1883)1932 or earlierdamp earth, moss.
Geocentrophora sphyrocephala de Man, 18761932 or earlier
Bothrioplana semperi Braun, 18811932 or earlier
Syndesmis echinorum Francois, 18861903 or earlierintestine of Strongylocentrotus dröbachiensis (O.F. Müller) at Alexandrowsk (von Graff, 1903
Microdalyellia armigera (Schmidt, 1862)1924 or earlierHalbinsel Kola, Alexandrovsk
Mesostoma lingua (Abildgaard, 1789)1923 or earlier
Microdalyellia armigera (Schmidt, 1862)1924 or earlier
Microdalyellia arctica (Nasonov, 1923)1923 or earlierin fliessendem Wasser von 10-11º C bei der Biologischen Station Alexandrovsk.
Microdalyellia brevispina (Hofsten, 1911)1925 or earlierTundren
Gieysztoria ornata (Hofsten N, 1907)1923 or earlierHalbinsel Kola, Alexandrovsk
Castrella (Nasonoviella) lutheri (Nasonov, 1917)1925 or earlierAlexandrovsk, >>überall verbreitet in den Gewässern der Tundra>>

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