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Hopkins Marine Laboratory, Pacific Grove, California, USA

latitude: 36.6213     36°37'16.68"N
longitude: -121.903702     121°54'13.33"W

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Collected here:

Messoplana pacificaMar 1969gravel, stones, algaegravel, stones, algae. collected from the beach at the Laboratory.
Ceratopera axiMar 1968intertidalshell gravel
Polycystis hamataSep 1960intertidalalgaeshell and algae in shallow water, tide pools
Polycystis hamataMar 1969intertidalalgaeshell and algae in shallow water, tide pools
Multipeniata (Multipeniata) californicaMar 25, 1969gravelsmall beach near Hopkins Marine Biological Station, under sea weed, low water.
Plagiostomum hedgpethiSep 12-14, 1960shallow waterssandfrom seaweed, and in sand under wrackbeds, tide pools.
Plagiostomum abbotiSep 13, 1960tidepoolstones, gravelwashed off seaweed, tidepool.
Archimonocelis semicircularisSep 13, 1960shell gravel, stonestidepools close to the laboratory, washed out from shell gravel, stones and seaweed.
Monocelis hopkinsiSep 11, 1960tidepools on the beach close to the laboratory.
Minona cornupenisSep 11-14, 1960a small sandy beach at the entrance to the station area [Hopkins Marine Station], subsoil-water.
Notoplana acticolaFeb, 1953common under the rocks in shallow water adjacent to the laboratory.
Cylindrostoma triangulumSep 14, 1960a small beach at the entrance to the Marine Station, with plankton net from algae in shallow water.
Alcha evelinaeSep 1960tidepools.
Groveia unicornisSep 13, 1960washed from sand and seaweed in a tidepool.
Reinhardorhynchus bispinaApr 7, 1969stones and shell gravel.
Reinhardorhynchus curvicirraApr 13, 1969shell gravel and holdfast of kelp.
Paraschizorhynchoides glandulis hopkinsiMar 1969sandclean sand at the high-water line.

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