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Vila Leopoldina, east of Lapa a suburb of São Paulo, Brazil

latitude: -22.933332     22°55'60"S
longitude: -50.25     50°15'0"W

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Collected here:

Catenula lemnaeprior to 1945various times, found with Spirostomum ambigum.
Catenula sawayaiprior to 1945
Chordarium evelinaeprior to 1945
Chordarium philumprior to 1945
Stenostomum tauricumprior to 1945
Stenostomum uronephriumprior to 1945
Stenostomum virginianumprior to 1945
Anokkostenostomum pseudoacetabulumprior to 1945
Stenostomum cryptopsprior to 1945

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