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Collecting site

Sri Lanka (Ceylon, Taprobane, Serendib, Sri Lanka Janarajaya)

latitude: 7.5     7°30'0"N
longitude: 80.5     80°30'0"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
[Site Named Here by name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication]

Collected here:

Notoplana dubiaprior to 1859
Paraplanocera oligoglenaprior to 1859
Stylochocestus gracilisprior to 1904
Macrostomum ceylanicum1859 or earlierCeylon (? marin).
Pelmatoplana sarasinorumprior to 1899
Caridinicola platei1952 or earlierfrom the branchial cavities of freshwater Atyid prawns in Ceylon.
Monodiscus macbridei1952 or earlierfrom the branchial cavities of freshwater Atyid prawns in Ceylon.
Dolichoplana feildeni1898 or earlier
Leptoplana gardineri1902
Leptoplana gardineri1902
Paraplanocera aurora1902
Paraplanocera aurora1902
Prosthiostomum singulare1902
Prosthiostomum singulare1902
Stylochocestus gracilis1902
Stylochocestus gracilis1902
Stylochus ceylanicus1902
Thalamoplana herdmani1902
Pelmatoplana maculosa1919 or earlier
Monodiscus parvus1914 or earlier
1914 or earlier
Pseudartiocotylus ceylonicus1911 or earlier
Discoplana gigas1859 or earlierIndian Ocean at Sri Lanka.
Leptoplana polycyclia1859 or earlierBelligamme, Sri Lanka.
Pseudoceros affinis1876 or earlierSri Lanka.
Pseudoceros atraviridis1876 or earlierSri Lanka.
Pseudoceros fuscogriseus1995 or earlierSri Lanka.
Caridinicola indica1914 or earlier
Bipalium depressum1905 or earlierCeylon
Pelmatoplana sondaica1898 or earlierBuitenzorg auf Java, Singkarah auf Sumatra, auch Singapore, Ceylon und Madagascar.
Anisorhynchodemus nematoides1898 or earlierBuitenzorg auf Java, auch Ceylon.
Dolichoplana feildeni1898 or earlierBuitenzorg und Tjibodas auf Java, Singapore, aber auch Ceylon, Cayenne, Barbados.
Prosthiostomum singulare1904 or earlierOne specimen from Ceylon (Gardiner).
Pelmatoplana trimeni1896 or earlier
Humbertium ceresprior to 2000
Humbertium dianaprior to 2000
Humbertium phebeprior to 2000
Humbertium proserpinaprior to 2000

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