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Broadhurst Reef (Broadhorst Reef), central Great Barrier Reef, Australia

latitude: -18.91     18°54'36"S
longitude: 147.744995     147°44'41.98"E

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Collected here:

Pseudoceros bifurcusOct 14, 197318 mreef slopecollected by SCUBA, reef slope. Found under ledges (usually on ascidian prey) on reef slope. Abundant from Heron Island, rare from One Tree Island
Pseudoceros bifurcusMar 29, 197738 mreef slopeP. Bouchet; holotype BMNH1984.10.6.7-8.
Pseudoceros ferrugineusJun 29, 197415 mreef slopeCollected by SCBA on reef crest. Found under boulders (sometimes on pink encrusting colonial ascidians) at the reef crest Common from Heron Island.
Pseudoceros lindaeprior to 1998I. Loch, no date.

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