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Neudorf, Switzerland

latitude: 47.166668     47 10 N
longitude: 8.2     8 12 E

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Collected here:

Macrostomum hystrixprior to 1894marsh
Microstomum lineareprior to 1894
Stenostomum leucopsprior to 1894found in all the waters.
Mesostoma productumprior to 1894
Mesostoma ehrenbergiiprior to 1894marsh.
Mesostoma rostratumprior to 1894numerous in marsh.
Mesostoma viridatumprior to 1894marsh.
Mesostoma armatumJun, Sep, prior to 1894found few specimens in June and September.
Bothromesostoma personatumprior to 1894
Gyratrix hermaphroditusprior to 1894
Castrada (Castrada) radiataprior to 1894
Vortex truncatusprior to 1894
Vortex triquetrusprior to 1894not frequent.
Vortex graffiiprior to 1894
Vortex infundibuliformisprior to 1894
Polycelis nigraprior to 1894
Polycelis cornutaprior to 1894
Dendrocoelum lacteumprior to 1894
Castrada (Castrada) neocomensis1898 or earliernear Basle.
Diplopenis intermedius1898 or earliernear Balse.
Castrada (Castrada) intermedia1898 or earlierSümpfe bei Neudorf (Elsass) und Michelfelden (schweizerisch-elsässische Grenze).
Mesostoma productum1894 or earlierUmgebung von Basel: Sumpf bei Neudorf (Elsass).
Mesostoma lingua1894 or earlierUmgebung von Basel: Sümpfe bei Neudorf (Elsass).

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