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Graz (Gratz), Austria

latitude: 47.066666     47 04 N
longitude: 15.45     15 27 E

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Collected here:

Haplovortex bryophilus1922 or earliermoss (Moosbewohner)moss dwelling, east of Graz.
Dalyellia cetica1922 or earlierLinecks northeast of Graz.
Dalyellia cuspidata1922around Graz.
Macrostomum tuba1882 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) lanceola1913 or earlier
Bothromesostoma essenii1913 or earlier
Fonticola prosorchis1937 or earlier
Typhloplanella halleziana1924 or earlierÖsterreich, Graz.
Styloplanella strongylostomoides1924 or earlierÖsterreich, Graz.
Mesostoma cuenoti1900 or earlierDie im Nachstehenden beschriebene Form, welche Herr Prof. Dr. Böhmig in einem Bassin des hiesigen botanischen Gartens vorgefunden hatte, ......
Castrada (Castrada) lanceola1900 or earlierÖsterreich: Graz.
Castrada (Castrada) intermedia1904 or earlier
Mesostoma ehrenbergii1915 or earlier
Mesostoma lingua1915 or earlierLunz u. Graz
Bothromesostoma personatum1882 or earlier
Phaenocora unipunctata1909 or earlier
Microdalyellia armigera1861 or earlierGraz
Gieysztoria cuspidata1861 or earlier
Gieysztoria expeditaMay 15, 1903Graz, Bassin des botanischen Gartens.(A.L.)
Gieysztoria rubra1924 or earlierGraz, Wundschuh
Castrella (Castrella) truncata1955 or earlier
Acrochordonoposthia reversain mosses
Adenoplea perigraptopera1924 or earliercommon in forest soil....
Archivortex silvestris1924 or earlierCommon and abundant in humus of forest soils....

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