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Woods Hole,Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

latitude: 41.52639     41°31'35"N
longitude: -70.673607     70°40'24.99"W

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Collected here:

Amphiscolops gardineriIn sand of Ulva and seagrasses, with Polychoerus caudatus.
Stylochus zebra1882low wateron piles.
Eustylochus ellipticusAug 1879low tide linecommon.
Planocera nebulosa1886low water markunder stones.
Anaperus gardineribetween May and Aug 1907sandin sand in Ulva and sea grass
Aphanostoma diversicolorbetween May and Aug 1907sandbetween Eels pond and Little Harbor, in Ulven (Ulva)
Polychoerus caudatusbetween May and Aug 1907numerous in the Ulven (Ulva) of Little Harbor, and the sea grass on the hotel breakwater.
Childia spinosabetween May and Aug 1907found in the collecting tube with other species.
Microstomum davenportibetween May and Aug 1907at the breakwater in Ulven (Ulva) and Blasentang (Blister sea weed?)
Promesostoma marmoratum nudumbetween May and Aug 19073 specimens.
Trigonostomum markibetween May and Aug 1907in Zostera on Red Ledge by Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.
Woodsholia lillieibetween May and Aug 1907in Zostera on Red Ledge by Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.
Woodsholia lillieibetween May and Aug 1907by Grass Island (?).
Phonorhynchus helgolandicusbetween May and Aug 1907by Grass Island (?).
Phonorhynchus helgolandicusbetween May and Aug 1907Butlers (?)
Gyratrix hermaphroditus maculatabetween May and Aug 1907found in a pool on the left side of the Gardiner mansion fed by rain and sea water, which during the summer has high salinity.
Plagiostomum stellatumbetween May and Aug 1907in Zostera
Plagiostomum morganibetween May and Aug 1907Butlers Point
Plagiostomum wilsonibetween May and Aug 1907Grass Island
Monoophorum tristebetween May and Aug 19073 whole specimens from Butlers Point and Grass Island.
Aphanostoma diversicolor1965 or earlieron algaecommon at Woods Hole on algae.
Childia groenlandica1965 or earlier
Polychoerus caudatus1965 or earliercommon in the Woods Hole region and regulary taken both in dredgings and on Ulva from piling and rocks. Bush notes in 1965 that it had not been reported recently.
Macrostomum sp.1965 or earlier
Microstomum davenporti1965 or earlier
Woodsholia lilliei1963Bush notes that a few specimens were believed to be taken in 1963.
Bdelloura candida1965 or earlierabundant on Limulus.
Bdelloura propinqua1965 or earlier
Syncoelidium pellucidum1965 or earlierfound on Limulus but much less numerous than Bdelloura sp.
Prostheceraeus maculosus1965 or earlier
Stylochus zebra1965 or earlier
Stylochus ellipticus1965 or earlier
Gnesioceros floridana1965 or earlier
Hoploplana inquilina1965 or earlier
Hoploplana grubei1965 or earlier
Euplana gracilis1965 or earlier
Notoplana atomata1965 or earlier
Monoophorum sp.1964 or earliercommon on Ulva
Plagiostomum sp.1964 or earlier
Bdelloura sp.1964 or earlierprobably Bdelloura candida.
Monocelis sp.1964 or earlier
Gyratrix sp.1964 or earlier
Hoploplana inquilinaprior to 1939inhabiting the mantle cavity of the large gasteropod Sycotypus
Eurylepta maculosaAug 2, 1882low tidepiles, mud, algaeuncommon.
Phagocata woodworthi1900 or earlier
Phagocata woodworthi1900 or earlier
Phagocata woodworthi1913 or earlier
Graffilla gemellipara1909collected on the gills of Modiolus gemellipara, the ribbed mussle in summer of 1909 [see Bush cards for species and reference records].
Graffilla gemellipara1913 or earlierIn Modiolus plicatulus and ? Mytilus edulis,
Solenopharynx flavidus1938 or earlier1 specimen.
Sopharynx oculatus1938 or earlier1 specimen.
Monocelis fusca1913 or earlier
Monocelis wilhelmii1911 or earlier

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