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off Buelk (Bülk, Bulk) Kiel Bay (Kieler Bucht; Kielerbugt; Nisler Bach), Germany

latitude: 54.450001     54°27'0"N
longitude: 10.2     10°12'0"E

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Collected here:

Monotoplana diorchis19515-6 mclean and detritus-rich medium sand to coarse sand + shell
Typhlopolycystis coeca1938 or earliersandin sand near Buoy A (Tonne A).
Xenocicerina gracilis1956 or earlier5mcoarse sand, gravelfrom Ax, after sketches.
Ptychopera westbladiDec 19503-4 mmedium sand
Proxenetes (Paraxenetes) quadrispinosusSep 19515-6 mmedium to coarse sand
Proxenetes (Perixenetes) quinquespinosusJan-Jul 19513 mfine sanddiverse sublitoral.
Proxenetes (Perixenetes) quinquespinosusJan-Jul 19514-5 mpure coarse sanddiverse sublitoral.
Proxenetes (Proxenetes) multidentatusApr-Oct, 19514-10 mcoarse sandsubtidal.
Proxenetes (Proxenetes) multidentatusApr, 19534-10 msandsubtidal.
Paromalostomum dubiumNov 19506 mmedium to coarse sand
Ulianinia contractilis1938 or earliersandMeixner found this in the sandy bottom at Bülk in the Bay of Keil. 'The original material of this species was lost during the last world war [World War II], and the species has not been re-discovered.
Proceropharynx anophthalmus1929 or earlier8 msandsublitoral Baltic Sea.
Mariplanella frisiaJul 19513-5 mcoarse sandleg. P. Ax.
Mariplanella frisiaMay 19533-5 mcoarse sandleg. P. Ax.
Mariplanella frisiaAug 19516 mcoarse sandDetritus poor. leg. P. Ax.
Adenorhynchus balticus1938 or earlierfine sandflat zone near the breakwater. handwritten note from Meixner which P. Ax holds.
Gyratrix proavus1929 or earlier8 mKieler Bucht, aus Sand in 8 m Tiefe bei der Nebenfahrwassertonne vor Bülk.
Cheliplana vaginalisApr 6, 1928sandsandy bottom (Meixner 1938, 115). Two specimens sectioned longitudinally, one of them holotype (labeled "Rhinepera vaginalis, Tonne A vor Bülk, 4.6.1928, sag.", type locality: Zoological Institution, Univ. of Graz, Austria).
Baicalellia nana1950-19592-15 mcoarse sand, gravelBisher nur im polyhalinen Brackwasser der Kieler Bucht nachgewiesen. Grobsand-Kies vor Schilksee, Bülk und Weissenhaus, vom Stoller Grund, Vodrups-Flach und Veisnaes-Flach in 2-15 m Wassertiefe (1950-1959).
Baicalellia nana19535 mcoarse sandBeobachtungen an Individuen aus Grobsand vor Bülk liegen der folgenden Darstellung zugrunde. Dieser Fundort bildet den Locus typicus der Art.
Promesostoma caligulatum1952 or earlier5-6 mmedium-coarse sandOstsee. Kieler Bucht. Bülk: Mittel-Grobsand, 5-6 m Wassertiefe.
Messoplana falcata falcata1974 or earlierNordsee (Sylt, Amrum), Kieler Bucht (Schilksee, Bülk), Mittelmeer (Sizilien), Marmara Meer (Florya, Prinzeninsel Heybeli), Schwarzes Meer (Sile).
Provortex affinis1951fine sand, coarse sand and gravel....aus ufernahem Feinsand und Grobsand-Kies vor Bülk, 4 m Wassertiefe (unpubl. 1951)
Karkinorhynchus primitivus1951 or earlier5 m2 Exemplare (leg. Ax 1950, 1951)
Rhinepera remanei1966-1968(leg. Ax 1950)

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