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Irish Sea (Port Erin)

latitude: 54.099998     54 06 N
longitude: -4.7833     4 47 W

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Collected here:

Convoluta convolutaprior to 1905littoral
Plagiostomum girardi1955 or earlier
Plagiostomum koreniJul 8, 13, and 17, 1950tide pool
Plagiostomum vittatumJul 8 and 21, 1950
Plagiostomum cinctumJul 18, 19506-10 mat the breakwater
Childia groenlandicaprior to 197570-80 mclay
Childia crassumprior 197570-80 m
Childia submaculatumprior 197570-80 mclay
Pelophila lutheriprior 1975sandsandy beach.
Mesorhynchus terminostylis1956 or earlier70-80 mloamy clay
Provortex balticus1913 or earlier
Provortex affinis1913 or earlierlittoral
Graffilla buccinicola1913 or earlierin the kidney of Buccinum undatum L. and Neptunea antiqua L.
Maehrenthalia agilis1913 or earlier
Maehrenthalia intermedia1897 or earlier
Astrotorhynchus bifidus1897 or earlier
Proxenetes flabellifer1913 or earlierbeach water.
Promesostoma marmoratum marmoratum1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Promesostoma marmoratum1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Promesostoma ovoideum ovoideum1913 or earlier
Promesostoma ovoideum purum1913 or earlier
Promesostoma solea solea1913 or earlier
Promesostoma lenticulatum1913 or earlier
Trigonostomum armatum1913 or earlier0-27 mfound in Fucus at depths up to 27 m.
Acrorhynchus caledonicus1913 or earlier1-3 min ebb tide pools, and litoral zone in large numbers.
Polycystis naegelii1913 or earlierliving among plants in the litoral zone.
Polycystis crocea1913 or earlier
Phonorhynchus helgolandicus1913 or earlier
Fecampia erythrocephala1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum sulphureum1913 or earlierlittorallively swimmer.
Plagiostomum vittatum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum koreni1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum vittatum1897 or earlier
Vorticeros auriculatum1913 or earlier0-35mlittoral up to 35 m deep in Algen and Bryozoen.
Pseudostomum quadrioculatum1913 or earlier
Pseudostomum inerme1893 or earlieramong algae.
Allostoma pallidum1913 or earlier
Allostoma austriacum1913 or earlier
Monocelis fusca1913 or earlier
Monocelis lineata1913 or earlier
Graffilla buccinicola1897 or earlier
Plagiostomum sulphureum1893 or earlier
Paramesostoma helgolandicum1959 or earlier
Aphanostoma diversicolor1905 or earlierIrishe Sea (Port Erin auf Man)
Syndesmis echinorum1963 or earlierfrom Echinus esculentus (Echinidae).

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