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Concarneau, France

latitude: 47.866669
longitude: -3.920833

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Collected here:

Convoluta convolutaprior to 1905littoral
Polycystis naegelii1913 or earlierliving among plants in the litoral zone.
Microstomum rubromaculatum1913 or earlierAtlantic Ocean (Concarneau).
Microstomum lucidum1898 or earlierAtlantic Ocean.
Omalostomum claparedii1870 or earlier
Proxenetes gracilis1913 or earlierbeach water.
Proxenetes flabellifer1913 or earlierbeach water.
Proxenetes gracilis1898 or earlier
Promesostoma ovoideum1898 or earlier
ovoideum ovoideum1913 or earlier
setigerum setigerum1913 or earlier
Trigonostomum penicillatum1913 or earlier
Polycystis mamertinus1913 or earlier
Phonorhynchus helgolandicus1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum violaceum1896 or earlierlittoral
Plagiostomum dioicum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum fabrei1896 or earlier
Plagiostomum vittatum1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum vittatum1898 or earlier
Pseudostomum klostermanni1913 or earlier
Monoophorum durum1898 or earlier
Enterostomum flavibacillum1913 or earlier
Monocelis fusca1913 or earlier
Monocelis lineata1913 or earlier
Monocelis lata1882 or earlier
Monocelis longiceps1913 or earlier
Allostoma durum1898 or earlier
Beauchampiola oculiferaprior to 1927found on the Atlantic coast near Concarneau.
Provortex balticus1898 or earlier
Jensenia oculifera1926 or earlier
Macrorhynchus coeruleus1896 or earlieron red algae in laboratory of Forest, Bay of Concarneau.
Allostoma durum1896 or earlierin the marsh, Bay of Concarneau.
Microstomum lucidum1896 or earlierBay of Concarneau.
Plagiostomum violaceum1896 or earlieramongst algae, Bay of Concarneau.
Proporus venenosus1905 or earlierNordatlantischer Ozean (Concarneau).

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