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Drobak (Dröbak, Dröback), Norway

latitude: 59.663334
longitude: 10.625000

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Collected here:

Archaphanostoma agile5-10 m (0-40 m)
Convoluta convolutaprior to 1905littoral
Aphanostoma virescens1844 or earlier
Aphanostoma rhomboides1844 or earlier
Convoluta paradoxa1844
Proporus lonchitisAug 195550-200 m
Acmostomum dioicum1955 or earlierseaweedcommon on the West Coast of Scandinavia.
Plagiostomum vittatum1955 or earlier
Anoplodium stichopiNear the Biological Stations. In body cavity of Stichopus tremulus, similar habitat as Anoplodium parasita. Most numerous in samples from Kristianiafjord.
Meara stichopiprior to 1923Westblad notes that Bock found this species in Dröbak. Host Stichopus tremulus Gunn.
Childia groenlandicaprior to 1975Zostera
Haploposthia viridisprior to 1946200 msoft bottom
Nemertoderma bathycolaprior to 197545-400 msoft bottom
Childia dubiumprior 197550-100 mSkipelle.
Monocelis fusca1913 or earlier
Monocelis lineata1913 or earlier
Ulianinia westbladi1963 or earlierDrøbak, Degerud. 1 specimen.
Trisaccopharynx westbladi193510 mloamin the summer. near Drøbak, Hallangspollen Bay.
Trisaccopharynx westbladi193610 mloamin the summer. near Drøbak, Hallangspollen Bay.
Gyratrix proavusprior to 1954150 mDröbak, Lehmboden bei Westmeist, 150 m Tiefe.
Globuliphora rufifronsJul 1935150-200 mDrøbak at the Vestmeiet depth.
Leptoplana droebachensis1844 or earlierKjønsmodne Individer. Ørsted har fundet den ved Drøbak.
Aphanostoma rhomboides1905 or earlierKristiania-Fjord (Dröbak)

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