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Roscoff (Roskoff), English Channel, France

latitude: 48.733334     48 44 00 N
longitude: -3.966667     003 58 00 W

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Collected here:

Convoluta lacazii Graff, 18911892 or earlier
Convoluta convoluta (Abildgaard, 1806)prior to 1905littoral
Convoluta schultzii Schmidt, 18521879 or earlier
Collastoma monorchis Dörler, 1900pre 1900from gut of Phascolosoma vulgare Dies., sent by L. Cuenot
Syndesmis echinorum Francois, 18861913 or earlierin sea urchins [Strongylocentrotus droebachensis (Müll.), S. lividus Brdt., Sphaerechinus granularis A.Ag., Echinus sphaera Müll., E. acutus Lam.]
Proxenetes flabellifer Jensen, 18781913 or earlierbeach water.
Proxenetes cochlear cochlear Graff, 19131913 or earlier
Promesostoma marmoratum (Schultze, 1851)1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Promesostoma marmoratum marmoratum (Schultze, 1851)1913 or earliervery active, in marine and brackish water.
Polycystis crocea (Fabricius, 1826)1913 or earlier
Polycystis mamertina (Graff, 1874)1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum girardi (Schmidt, 1857)1913 or earlierslow acting and swimming, in waste water and aquariums.
Plagiostomum ochroleucum Graff, 18821913 or earlier
Monoophorum striatum (Graff, 1878)1913 or earlier0-28 mamong Ulven, Bryozoans.
Monocelis fusca Örsted, 18431913 or earlier
Monocelis lineata (Müller, 1773)1913 or earlier
Genostoma inopinatum Hyra, 1993living under the carapace of Nebalia bipes collected at Roscoff, France.
Beauchampiola oculifera (de Beauchamp, 1927)1951Ehlers notes a letter by Beauchamp to [Luther?] that Beauchamp found this species in small numbers in the tidal zone among algae.
Carcharodorhynchus polyorchis L'Hardy, 19631961sandla Roche Danic, Roscoff region (North-Finistere), France.
Carcharodorhynchus polyorchis L'Hardy, 19631961dans le Chenal de l'Ile Verte, Roscoff region (North-Finistere), France.
Schizochilus choriurus caecus L'Hardy, 19631961sandsable de la Roche Danic a 30 ou 40 cm de profondeur, abondant au niveau moyen des basses mers de vives-eaux, Roscoff region (North-Finistere), France.
Schizorhynchoides canaliculatus L'Hardy, 19631961Roche Danic et Banc du Loup, Niveau moyen des basses mers de vives-eaux, Roscoff region (North-Finistere), France.
Schizorhynchoides aculeatus L'Hardy, 19631961sandsable de la roche Danic a 50 cm de profondeur. Niveau moyen des basses mers de vives-eaux, Roscoff region (North-Finistere), France.
Schizorhynchoides macrostylus L'Hardy, 196319612-10 msandsables de Duslen (profondeur 2 m) et de la Basse-Plate (profondeur: 10 m), Roscoff region (North-Finistere), France.
Proschizorhynchus anophthalmus L'Hardy, 19651965 or earliercoarse sandPointe des Jacobins near Roscoff (Nord-Finistere). In the channel.
Proschizorhynchus pectinatus L'Hardy, 19651964 or earlierfine sandPointe des Jacobins near Roscoff (Nord-Finistere).
Proschizorhynchus pectinatus L'Hardy, 19651965 or earliershelly sandGaurec, Aber de Roscoff. low tide.
Proschizorhynchus pectinatus L'Hardy, 19651965 or earlierfine sandBanc du Loup, near Roscoff.
Proschizorhynchus pectinatus L'Hardy, 19651965 or earliercoarse sandPerroc'h, near Roscoff.
Proschizorhynchus helgolandicus Karling & L'Hardy, 19651965 or earlierfine sandPerharidy, pres de Roscoff (Nord-Finistere).
Proschizorhynchus echinulatus L'Hardy, 19651965 or earliercoarse sandBanc du Loup, pres de Roscoff (Nord-Finistere): gravier et sable heterogene a 50 cm de profondeur, niveaux des basses mers de vives eaux.
Karkinorhynchus megalopharynx L'Hardy, 19661965 or earliercoarse sandlittoral sands in the Roscoff region (North-Finistere, France). Il a ete recolte dans differentes locatlites de la Baie de Sieck, a la Pointe des Jacobins et dans le Chenal de l'Ile de Batz (Peroc'h).
Prognathorhynchus typhlus L'Hardy, 19641964 or earlierfine sandsmall beach north of l'Ile Verte (Chenal de l'Ile de Batz), near Roscoff (North-Finistere).
Drepanorhynchides diodontus L'Hardy, 19661966 or earliersables marins de la région de Roscoff, Nord-Finistere, France.
Ancistrorhynchus ischnurus L'Hardy, 19631963 or earlierrécolté dans des sables littoraux de la région de Roscoff (Finistere).
Aphanostoma diversicolor Ørsted, 18451905 or earlierKanal La Manche (Plymouth, Roscoff)
Rogneda palula Brunet, 1969Jun 2, 2007coarse sand very coarse sand from between rocks in the Fucus serratus zone in the ‘Green Island Channel’
Rogneda palula Brunet, 1969Jun 6, 2007coarse sandcoarse sand from a tide pool in front of the marine station, near to the long jetty.
Syndesmis echinorum Francois, 18861951 or earlierfrom Paracentrotus lividus (Strongylocentrotidae).

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