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Vama Veche (Ilanlik Ilanlac Ilanlic), Romania, Black Sea

latitude: 43.75     43°45'0"N
longitude: 28.5667     28°34'0.12"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
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Collected here:

Macrostomum peteraxi1974 or earlier1.0 msand of stone zonefew specimens.
Plagiostomum ponticum1974 or earlier1.0 mstone zonenumerous specimens
Pseudostomum klostermanniprior to 19741.0 mstone zoneNumerous specimens, stone zone, among algae.
Allostoma pallidumprior to 19741.0 mstone zoneNumerous specimens, stone zone, among algae.
Monocelis lineataprior to 1974sand, stone zone
Monocelis longicepsprior to 19740.3-0.5 msand, stone zoneAbundant.
Archilina endostylaprior to 19740.5-1.0 msand, stone zonevery numerous, in the sand of the stone zone.
Procerodes lobatusAug 1, 19700.5 mstone zoneVery numerous, among Enteromorpha and in the phreatic layeer close to the shore.
Trigonostomum venenosumprior to 19741.0 mstonyNumerous specimens, among Cystoseira.
Polycystis naegelii1974 or earlier1.0 mVery numerous, among algae.
Progyrator mamertinus1974 or earlier1.0 mstonytwo specimens, among Cystoseira and Enteromorpha.
Itaipusa karlingi1974 or earlier0.5-3.0 mstone, sandNumerous, in the sand under the algae.
Convoluta albomaculatapre 19730.5 mstony bottom, algae

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