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Ahus (Åhus), Kristianstads Lan, Sweden

latitude: 55.916698     55°55'0.11"N
longitude: 14.2833     14°16'59.88"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
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Collected here:

Cheliplanilla caudata1956 or earlier3.0 mfine sandSwedish Baltic coast, pure fine sand.
Convoluta saliensprior to 19605 mSkane Ahus (Karline)
Dolichomacrostomum uniporumprior to 19601.0 mfine sandSkane.
Macrostomum balticumprior to 19603-5 mfine sand
Provortex tubiferus1962 or earlier(K.)
Tvaerminnea karlingi1962 or earlier3 mfine sandKarling.
Haloplanella obtusituba1963 or earlier3 mSchweden. Skåne, Åhus, Finesand.(K) [Karling]
Thalassoplanella collaris1963 or earlierSkåne, Åhus u. Malmö.
Cicerina tetradactyla1963 or earlierÅhus.
Paracicerina maristoi1974 or earlierSchwedische Ostseeküste. Nynaeshamn, Ahus.
Gnathorhynchus conocaudatus1974 or earlier3 mfine sandSchwedische Ostseeküste, Ahus unter namen G. conocaudatus. Hierzu schreibt Karling (1974): "Imperfectly known, taxonomic delimination against G. conocaudatus uncertain."
Cheliplana stylifera1963 or earlierfine sandAhus. Feinsand.
Diascorhynchus serpens1963 or earlier3 mfine sandSchwedische Ostseeküste. Ahus.

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