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Plymouth Sound (Sound, Plymouth-Sund), English Channel (Kanal La Manche), United Kingdom

latitude: 50.316700
longitude: -4.150000

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
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Collected here:

Provortex rubrobacillus1893 or earlier'New Grounds' in the Channel.
Umagilla forskalensis1953 or earliergut of Holothuria forskalia.
Fecampia erythrocephala1913 or earlier
Plagiostomum pseudomaculatum1893 or earlierdeep fauna.
Allostoma pallidumJul 26, 19494 mPlymouth River.
Ulianinia mollissima1963 or earlierKarling notes distribution of the species. Jenny Cliff Bay.
Provortex balticus1893 or earlier
Macrostomum pusillum1974 or earler
Fecampia erythrocephala1894 or earlier
Monops fuscusAug-Sep 1892Abundant among Balani, Ulva, and generally throughout the littoral zone. Monotus fuscus is here the characteristic form, although it ranges throughout the tidal zone. It appears to derive moisture from Balani into which it creeps during ebb-tide.
Convoluta paradoxaAug-Sep 1892Widely distributed in the littoral zone; nowhere, however, very abundant, nor do the specimens attain the dimensions of Millport examples.
Promesostoma soleaAug-Sep 1892Abundant in dredging from almost all localities.
Enterostomum austriacumAug-Sep 1882Specimens referable to this species occurred commonly in the Sound at depths below 5 fathoms.
Leptoplana droebachensis1883 or earlierRecently, specimens from Plymouth Sound have reached me which agree in almost every particular with L. Droebachensis, Oe., as described by Jensen, and it appears probable that this species has hitherto been confused on our coasts with L. tremellaris.
Prostheceraeus vittatus1883 or earlierin the Sound (Mr. Garstang).
Proporus venenosus1905 or earlierKanal La Manche (Plymouth-Sund).
Otocelis rubropunctata1905 or earlierKanal La Manche (Plymouth-Sund)
Syndesmis echinorum (2)1901 or earlierfrom Echinus esculentus (Echinidae).
Sabussowia dioica1893 or earlierGamble's "indentification of his specimens as Fovia affinis was corrected by Wilhelmi (1908, 1909)

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