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Collecting site

Warszawa (Warschau, Varsavia, Varshava, Warsaw, Varsovie), Poland

latitude: 52.25     52°15'0"N
longitude: 21     21°0'0"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
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Collected here:

Opistomum pallidum1913 or earlierlakes and puddles.
Dalyellia euchroa1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Catenula sekerai1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Dalyellia expedita1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Dalyellia rubra1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Dalyellia brevimana1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Dalyellia karisalmica1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Gyratrix hermaphroditus coeca1926 or earliernear Warsaw.
Macrostomum appendiculatum1926 or earliernear Warsaw. Winter eggs.
Phaenocora unipunctata1926 or earliernear Warsaw. thin-shelled eggs.
Dalyellia penicilla1926 or earliernear Warsaw. Two forms, large and small found.
Macrostomum hystrix1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Vortex pictus1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Vortex sexdentatus1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Vortex truncatus1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Opistomum pallidum1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Microstomum lineare1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Microstomum lineare1891 or earliernear Warsaw.
Gieysztoria sibirica1929 or earlierPolen. Warschau, Mai (Gieysztor 1929)
Opistomum pallidum1939 or earlierPolen: Warschau
Castrada (Castradella) granea1929 or earlier
Strongylostoma radiatum1939 or earlier
Strongylostoma elongatum elongatum1924 or earlier
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum1939 or earlier
Olisthanella truncula1926 or earlier
Mesostoma productum1939 or earlier
Mesostoma craci1926 or earlier
Mesostoma craci1939 or earlier
Mesostoma rhynchotum1926 or earlier
Phaenocora typhlops1926 or earlier
Phaenocora unipunctata1926 or earlier
Macrostomum tuba1931 or earlierWarschau, in Aquarien
Microdalyellia armigera1939 or earlier
Microdalyellia fairchildi1939 or earlierWarschau, künstlicher Teich
Microdalyellia brevimana1932 or earlier
Microdalyellia picta1939 or earlier
Microdalyellia rossi1939 or earlier
Microdalyellia nanella1939 or earlierWigry u. Warschau, austrocknende Kleingewässer
Dalyellia penicilla diminuta1939 and earlier
Dalyellia scoparia1926 or earlier
Gieysztoria cuspidata1926 or earlier
Gieysztoria rubra1939 or earlierWarschau.
Gieysztoria euchroa1939 or earlierWigry u. Warschau
Castrella (Castrella) truncata1926 or earlier

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