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Godthaab (Godthab,Godthäb, Nuuk), Greenland

latitude: 64.173615     64 10 25 N
longitude: -51.754166     51 45 15 W

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Collected here:

Aphanostoma bimaculata1932 or earliertidal zone
Amphiscolops virescens1879 or earlier
Proaphanostoma variabile1932intertidalGezeitenzone.
Tetraposthia colymbetes1931 or earliertidal zoneGezeitenzone.
Paramacrostomum tricladoides1926coarse sandGrobsand aus der Gezeitenzone nächst dem Tranhaus bei Godthaab. Reisinger & Steinböck expedition to Grönland 1926.
Oekiocolax plagiostomorum1929 or earlier80-120 m"Serpulidenknäuel" at 80-120 m. Kangeq near Godthaab. Parasite in Plagiostomum parasitorum
Oekiocolax plagiostomorumMay 15, 192680-120 mHe and Steinböck collected specimens from a clump of Hydroids and Serpuliden brought up from 80 to 120 m in Godthaabfjordes near Kangeq. Several specimens found in Plagiostomum caecum Böhmig.
Haplovortex brevitubus1918 or earlier
Dalyellia ornata1932 or earlierin lake near Godthaab.
Castrella (Castrella) truncata1932 or earlierlakes and pools.
Byrsophlebs graffi1932 or earliertidal zone - 110 m
Astrotorhynchus bifidus bifidus1932 or earliertidal - 10 m
Proxenetes gracilis1932 or earliertidal - 100 m
Proxenetes flabellifer1932 or earliertidal - 180 m
Proxenetes cochlear1932 or earliertidal zone
Promesostoma marmoratum marmoratum1879 or earlier
Promesostoma marmoratum nudum1932 or earliertidal zone to 300 m
Promesostoma ovoideum ovoideum1932 or earliertidal zone to 15 m
Promesostoma ovoideum purum1932 or earliertidal to 120 m
Promesostoma lenticulatum1932 or earliertidal to several meters
Promesostoma murmanica1932 or earliertidal to several meters
Acrochordonoposthia conica1932 or earlierin damp moss.
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum1932 or earlierpools and lakes.
Typhloplanella halleziana1932 or earlierspring, in moss.
Castrada (Castrada) groenlandica1932 or earliersmall lake.
Polycystis crocea1932 or earlier
Polycystis groenlandica1932 or earlierintertidal
Polycystis assimilis1932 or earlier
Plagiostomum girardi1932 or earlierintertidal
Plagiostomum anocelis1932 or earlierunknown depth. In a "Serpulidenknäuel".
Plagiostomum makroposthia1932 or earlier100 m
Plagiostomum petrophilum1932 or earlierintertidal
Monocelis fusca1932 or earlier
Monocelis lineata1932 or earlier
Monocelis honorei1932 or earlier"Serpulidenknäuel" from unknown depth.
Coleophora hirudo1932 or earlierlives on Chionoecetes opilio mouth parts.
Coleophora chionoecetis1932 or earlierecto-parasite on the eggs of Chionoecetes opilio L.
Coleophora levinseni1932 or earlierintertidal
Promonotus longirostris1932 or earlierintertidalcoarse sand
Otomesostoma auditivum1932 or earlierlakes.
Diporoplana cnidophora1932 or earlier100 m"Serpulidenknäuel".
Orthoplana borealis1932 or earlierintertidal to several meterscoarse, fine sand
Plagiostomum petrophilum1926rock3 specimens, south of Godthaab.
Plagiostomum porsildi19261 specimen among Lamaria roots.
Plagiostomum girardi groenlandica19261 specimen, tide pool near Godthaab.
Plagiostomum groenlandicum1926several specimens, among Laminaria roots.

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