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Vaagfjord (Sudero), Faroes, Faroe Islands

latitude: 61.466667
longitude: -6.716667

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Collected here:

Childia macroposthium192810 mmud
Microstomum rubromaculatum192810 mmud"specimens found at the Faroes the eyespot was not spread over the whole dorsal side of the animal, but showed interruptions."
Microstomum lucidum192810 mmud"a few specimens".
Ceratopera gracilis192810 mmud"only finding places ....to be quite shallow water at the beach. The few specimens found by the present author ....dredged from mud at 10 m."
Promesostoma marmoratum192810 mmud
cochlear (1) cochlear192810 mmud
Phonorhynchus helgolandicus192810 mmud
Plagiostomum vittatum192810 mmud
Vorticeros auriculatum192810 mmud
Procerodes ulvae192810 mmud
Notoplana atomata192810 mmud
Cylindrostoma fingalianum192810 mmudfine sand, animal "perished before it was squeezed. According to habitus, position of eyes and of the pharynx it is probably Enterostomum fingalianum Claperede."
Planaria alpina1926Danish investigators- numerous in brooks of the islands of Suderø, Sandø, Vaagø, Strømø (surroundings of Thorshavn), Østerø (Vatndalur, Breidá, waterfall at Edje), Kalsø, Kunø, Bordø (200m), Viderø, Svinø.

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