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Ejde (Eidhi), (North of Ejde), Faroes, Faroe Islands
large numbers of Convoluta convoluta;
latitude: 62.299999
longitude: -7.073889

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Collected here:

Procerodes lobatus1928low tide zone
Graffiellus croceus1928low tide zone
Convoluta convoluta1928low tide zone\"great numbers\"
Paramecynostomum diversicolor1928low tide zone
Aphanostoma rhomboides1928low tide zone
Proschizorhynchella faroeensis1928low tide zone\"...in coarse sand of the low-tide zone. Numerous.\"
Convoluta saliens1928low tide zone
Aphanostoma virescens1928low tide zone
Anaperus rubellus1928low tide zone"some specimens"
Macrostomum ophiocephalum1928low tide zone\"one specimen\"
Byrsophlebs graffi1928low tide zone"Very numerous"
Promesostoma marmoratum1928low tide zone
bifidus regulatus1928low tide zonelow tide zone
Trigonostomum venenosum1928low tide zone
Trigonostomum armatum1928low tide zone
Acmostomum dioicum1928low tide zone
Pseudostomum quadrioculatum1928low tide zone
Monocelis fusca1928low tide zone
Monocelis lineata1928low tide zone"very common"
Otoplana borealis1928low tide zone
Notoplana atomata1928low tide zone
Archaphanostoma agile1928low tide zone
Otoplana sp.1928low tide zone1 specimen.
Coelogynopora sp.1928low tide zone1 animal

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