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The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

latitude: 38.0354     38°2'7.44"N
longitude: -78.503304     78°30'11.89"W

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Collected here:

Macrostomum tuba Graff, 18821932 or earlierpond near the University of Virginia.
Microdalyellia ruebushi Luther, 19551937 or earlierVirginia, Tümpel in der Umgebung der University of Virginia, im Frühling, Herbst und Winter (Ruebush).
Dalyellia abursalis Ruebush, 19371934-1936collected from the University Golf Course Pond, a small quiet pond in the Western part of the University grounds. Some 150 examples were examined, taken from collections made in the spring and fall of 1934, winter, spring, and fall of 1935, and wint
Dalyellia virginiana Ruebush, 19371934-1936collected from the reflection pool of the University of Virginia, a small quiet pond located at the side of the gymnasium. 200 ex. of this species examined, taken in the spring and fall of 1934, winter, spring and fall of 1935, winter 1936.
Dalyellia aspinosa Ruebush, 19371935small temporary pool beside the C. and O. Railway track about one mile west of the University of Virginia.
Dalyellia aspinosa Ruebush, 19371935small still water pond on Route 29 some two miles south of the University of Virginia.
Macrostomum virginianum Ferguson, 19371937 or earliercollected from small stream on University of Virginia campus.
Microdalyellia rossi virginiana (Ruebush, 1937)1933-1935150 examples from a small pond about a mile and a half southwest of the University in the fall of 1933, winter, spring and fall of 1934, and winter and spring of 1935
Microdalyellia rossi minima Ruebush, 19371933-193550 examples from a small swamp about a half mile west of the University in the fall of 1933, winter, spring and fall of 1934
Microstomum bispiralis Stirewalt, 19371937 or earlierFreshwater pools near the University of Virginia

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