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HÃ¥konsund (Hakonsund, Hakenssund), Hordaland Fylke, Norway

latitude: 60.179699
longitude: 5.108600

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Collected here:

Euxinia balticaprior to 1993Live specimens and six serially section specimens from the North Sea, Bergen area, HÃ¥konsund; Skagerrak, Kristineberg area, Kvarnik. Leg. Karling
Haplopharynx rostratusJun 22, 196417 mshell sandBiologisk stasjon, Probe 291-64, Bondisholmen bei Hakonsund, Schalensand.
Haplopharynx rostratusJun 22, 19642-3 mfine sandBiologisk stasjon, Probe 293-64, Hakonsund, feiner Sand.
Cytocystis clitellatus22 June 19642-3mfine sand
Drepanorhynchides hastatus2-3msand

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