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Ayaya Bay, Lake Baikal (Baykal, Holy Sea), Russia

latitude: 55.450001     55 27 00 N
longitude: 109.916664     109 55 00 E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
[Site Named Here by name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication]

Collected here:

Mityuscha elenae Timoshkin, 2004Sep 22, 199010-12 meast (base) coast of Ayaya Bay, huge amount of detritus.
Mariareuterella grygieri Timoshkin, 2004Sep 21, 199025 msilty sand
Mariareuterella grygieri Timoshkin, 2004Sep 21, 199022-27 mdredge sample.
Mariareuterella schetinnikovi Timoshkin, 2004Oct 10, 199710 mmedium sandnear forester's house. shallow littoral zone.
Mariareuterella sabirovi Timoshkin, 2004Oct 5, 199710 myellow-brown sandfine-grained sand, macrophytes.
Mariareuterella nigmatullini Timoshkin, 2004Sep 21, 199025 mcoarse yellow sandsouthern cape of Ayaya Bay.
Mariareuterella salemaai Timoshkin, 2004Oct 5, 199715 mcoarse yellow sandnear the forester's house.
Coulterella osipovae Timoshkin, 2004Oct 15, 199322-27 m500-600 m away from the forester's house.
Coulterella melnikae Timoshkin, 2004Sep 21, 199025 mcoarse yellow sandDredge sample.
Riedelella terentyevi Timoshkin, 2004Oct 5, 199710 mbrownish-yellow sand
Riedelella pectenuncinata Timoshkin, 2004Oct 5, 199710 mcoarse yellow-brown sandnear the forester's home.
Riedelella greenwoodi Timoshkin, 2004Sep 21, 199025 mcoarse sandpure yellow coarse-grained sand.
Riedelella greenwoodi Timoshkin, 2004Oct 5, 199710 mcoarse sandcoarse-grained, brown sand.
Cohenella sidelevae Timoshkin, 2004Oct 5, 199715 mmiddle-grained sand
Cohenella pronini Timoshkin, 2004Oct 4, 199710 mfine sandpure fine-grained sand with silt and plant remnants. west of Upper Angara River mouth, near by gulf.
Obolkinaella genkali Timoshkin, 2004Jul 19, 198225 msmall-sized gravelsmall-sized gravel, detritus.
Gyratrix hermaphroditus Ehrenberg, 1831Jul 13, 19825.0 msandalgae.
Gyratrix hermaphroditus Ehrenberg, 1831Jul 19, 198210.0 msandalgae.

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