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Rehion Podillya (Podol'ye, Podolia, Podolien, Podole), Ukraine

latitude: 48.833302     48°49'59.89"N
longitude: 28     28°0'0"E

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
[Site Named Here by name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication]

Collected here:

Dalyellia nasonovi Fulinski & Szynal, 19331933 or earlier
Dalyellia variospinosa Fulinski & Szynal, 19331933 or earlier
Dalyellia gracilis Fulinski & Szynal, 19271927 or earlier
Dalyellia semispinosa Fulinski & Szynal, 19271927 or earlier
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum (Müller, 1774)1939 or earlier
Olisthanella truncula (Schmidt, 1858)1939 or earlier
Mesostoma productum (Schmidt, 1848)1939 or earlier
Mesostoma craci Schmidt, 18581939 or earlier
Phaenocora typhlops (Vejdovsky, 1880)1939 or earlier
Microdalyellia brevimana (Beklemischev, 1921)1932 or earlier
Microdalyellia picta (Schmidt, 1848)1939 or earlier
Dalyellia viridis (Shaw, 1791)1933 or earlierPodolien, Fluss Gnila u. Teiche von Scalat u. Zarubinca.

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