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Angara River, Siberia, Russia

latitude: 56.766666     56 46 00
longitude: 101.633331     101 38 00

[Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)]
[Site Named Here by name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication]

Collected here:

Polycystis angarensis1929 or earlier
Olisthanella caeca1929 or earlier
Olisthanella tricirrata1929 or earlier
Dalyellia dubitativa1929 or earlier
Dalyellia opaca1929 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) anopla1929 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) visibilis1929 or earlier
Acrorhynchus fluvialis1929 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) affinis1929 or earlier[C. affinis ?? = C. visibilis] Sibirien. Fl. Angara.
Microdalyellia dubitativa1929 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) visibilis1929 or earlier[C. affinis ?? = C. visibilis]
Olisthanella truncula1929 or earlier
Stenostomum leucops1929 or earliercitation of Sibiriakova (1929) {10832}
Macrostomum tubapre 2010
Alaoplana lanceolatapre 1900citation of Zykoff W 1900 {18870}
Armilla pardalinapre 1900citation of Zykoff W 1900 {18870}
Baikalobia guttatapre 1900citation of Zykoff W 1900 {18870}
Anocelis tigrinapre 1900citation of Zykoff W 1900 {18870}
Rimacephalus pulvinarpre 1900
Alaoplana sublanceolatapre 1928
Microarchicotylus stringulatuspre 1928
Archicotylus viviparuspre 1928
Baikalobia copulatrixpre 1928
Sorocelis guttatapre 1928
Bdellocephala angarensispre 1928
Monocotylus subnigerpre 1928
Bdellocephala cotyloidespre 1928
Papilloplana zebrapre 1928
Archicotylus planus1977 or earlier
Baikalobia copulatrix1977 or earlier
Sorocelis guttata1977 or earlier
Bdellocephala angarensis1977 or earlier
Bdellocephala baikalensis1977 or earlier
Papilloplana leucocephala1977 or earlier
Anocelis tigrina1977 or earlier
Papilloplana zebra1977 or earlier
Phagocata fontinalis1977 or earlier
Archicotylus decoloratus2010 or earlier
Baikalobia raddei2010 or earlier
Sorocelis hepatizon2010 or earlier
Castrada (Castrada) visibilis2010 or earlier
Olisthanella caeca2010 or earlier
Olisthanella tricirrata2010 or earlier
Olisthanella truncula2010 or earlier
Dalyellia opaca2010 or earlier
Dalyellia dubitativa2010 or earlier
Microdalyellia armigera2010 or earlier
Gyratrix hermaphroditus2010 or earlier
Penecurva sibirica2010 or earlier
Opisthocystis wilkei wilkei1998
Cohenella sidelevae1998
Cohenella semernoyi1998, 2002
Cohenella microstylus2002
Coulterella vainolai1998
Opisthocystis angarensis1998 (-2006?)

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