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Japan (Nippon, Yaponiya, Nihon, Japon, Giappone)

latitude: 36.5     36°30'0"N
longitude: 138     138°0'0"E

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Collected here:

Bergendalia diversa1918 or earlier
Prosthiostomum marmoratum1918 or earlier
Prosthiostomum awaense1918 or earlier
Prosthiostomum rubropunctatum1918 or earlier
Pseudoceros reticulatus1918 or earlier
Pseudoceros luteomarginatus1918 or earlier
Pseudoceros nigromarginatus1918 or earlier
Stylochus rutilis1918 or earlier
Stylochus ijimai1918 or earlier
Hoploplana ornata1918 or earlier
Discocelis japonica1918 or earlier
Paraplanocera misakiensis1918 or earlier
Planocera purpurea1918 or earlier
Pseudostylochus fulvus1918 or earlier
Polycelis ijimai1917 or earlier
Fonticola pellucida1916 or earlier
Phagocata pellucida1916 or earlier
Planaria pellucida1916 or earlier
Polycelis auriculata1916 or earlier
Polycelis karafto1916 or earlier
Procerodes limuli1916 or earlier
Procerodes trigonocephala1916 or earlier
Sorocelis sapporo1916 or earlier
Pericelis lactea2021 or earliersouthwestern Japan
Pericelis maculosa2021 or earliersouthwest Japan

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