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sublittoral sample station #10 (Salzsand middle south between Lister Tief buoy 3 and Lister Tief buoy 5), Sylt

latitude: 55.07111     55 04 16 N
longitude: 8.324444     8 19 28 E

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Collected here:

Proschizorhynchella bivaginata (Schilke, 1970)May, July-October 1983; February, May, July, August 19842 mmedium sand
Thylacorhynchus caudatus Meixner, 1928October 1983; February, July, August 19842 mmedium sand
Pseudoschizorhynchoides karlingi (Martens & Schockaert, 1981)May, October 1983; February, July 19842 mmedium sand
Schizochilus marcusi Boaden, 1963Apr, May, Oct 1983; Feb, Mar, May, Jul, Aug 19842 mmedium sand
Cheliplana remanei (Meixner, 1928)Apr, May, Oct 1983; Feb, May, July-Sept 19842 mmedium sand
Diascorhynchus rubrus Boaden, 1963May, Jul, Sep, Oct 1983; Feb, Mar, May, Jul, Aug 19842 mmedium sand
Elvertia krusei Noldt, 1989May 1983; Jul 19842 mmedium sand

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