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Swedish West Coast, mouth of Gullmarsfjord (Gullmarsfjorden), Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Sweden

latitude: 58.25     58°15'0"N
longitude: 11.433333     11°25'60"E

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Collected here:

Archaphanostoma macrospiriferum20-30 msoft bottomLectotype No. 2494, Swedish Museum of Natural History
Nemertoderma westbladi22 July, 193210 mmud-clay
Paedomecynostomum bruneumprior 19755-10 m
Childia crassumprior 197530-100 mSwedish west coast, Gullmaren, several locations.
Eumecynostomum altitudiJul 2000
Childia cycloposthiumJul-Aug 200330-60 mmudKoster and Gullmar Fjord.
Childia trianguliferumJul-Aug 200330-60 mmudKoster and Gullmar Fjord.
Childia submaculatumJul-Aug 200330-60 mmudKoster and Gullmar Fjord.
Childia crassumJul-Aug 200330-60 mmudKoster and Gullmar Fjord.
Childia brachyposthiumJul-Aug 200330-60 mmudKoster and Gullmar Fjord.
Childia macroposthiumJul-Aug 200330-60 mmudKoster and Gullmar Fjord.
Macrostomum balticumprior to 19600.0-0.5 mfine sand
Messoplana elegansprior to 1956collected by Luther and Riedl in the surroundings of Kristineberg along the Swedish west coast.
Euxinia balticaprior to 1993Live specimens and six serially section specimens from the North Sea, Bergen area, Håkonsund; Skagerrak, Kristineberg area, Kvarnik. Leg. Karling
Proxenetes westbladiAug 15, 1930Sandcame from Westblad. Swedish west coast, Zoological Station Kristineberg in the Bay of Kristinebergsviken.
Anoplodium stichopi1994 or earlierStichopus tremulusSpecimens of Stichopus tremulus Gunnerus, 1767 were collected in the Gullmarfjordes near Kristineberg Marine Biological Station by Prof. Dr. P. Ax.
Procerodes littoralis1907 or earlierSwedische Westküste: Kristenberg

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