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Laugarvatn, south Iceland

latitude: 64.216667     64 13 00 N
longitude: -20.733334     20 44 00 W

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Collected here:

Macrostomum appendiculatum Fabricius, 1826Jul 1-Aug2, 1937slow flowing brook and bog pool in the surroundings of Laugarvatn, 1 specimen.
Gieysztoria oligocentra (Steinböck, 1948)Jul 1-Aug2, 1937at the landing stage of the Gistihus, near hot springs, water with smell of sulfur, 22-27 degrees C, 1 specimen.
Gieysztoria cuspidata (Schmidt, 1861)Jul 1-Aug2, 1937
Microdalyellia armigera (Schmidt, 1862)Jul 1-Aug2, 1937in a slow flowing brook, a bog pool in surroundings of Laugarvatn, several specimens.
Castrella (Castrella) truncata (Abildgaard, 1789)Jul 1-Aug2, 1937in a slowly flowing streamlet and in bog pools near Laugarvatn.
Castrada (Castrada) stagnorum Luther, 1904Jul 1-Aug2, 1937bog pool and brook moss surrounding Laugarvatn, Alptavatn and undrained cold and clear crater of lake Kerio east of Prastalundur.
Castrada (Castrada) inermis Hofsten N, 1911Jul 1-Aug 2, 1937clear streamlet issuing from a spring which empties slowly into Laugarvatn.
Castrada (Castrada) viridis Volz, 1898Jul 1-Aug 2, 1937slow flowing clear brook issuing from a spring and emptying into Laugarvatn, 2 specimens.
Castrada (Castrada) affinis Hofsten N, 1907Jul 1-Aug 2, 1937bog pool north of Laugarvatn, 1 specimen.
Bothromesostoma personatum (Schmidt, 1848)Jul 1-Aug 2, 1937bog pool north of Laugarvatn, 1 specimen.
Geocentrophora baltica (Kennel, 1883)Jul 1-Aug 2, 1937slowly flowing clear brook issuing from a spring near Laugarvatn.
Otomesostoma auditivum (Forel & du Plessis, 1874)prior to Aug 1937Author received material collected by Danish zoologists.
Otomesostoma auditivum (Forel & du Plessis, 1874)Jul 1-Aug 2, 1937pools near Laugarvatn
Microstomum sp. Steinböck, 1948summer 1937Many specimens.

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