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Ellenbogen, Sylt Island, North Sea

latitude: 55.048332     55°2'54"N
longitude: 8.482222     8°28'56"E

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Collected here:

Aphanostoma album Dörjes, 1968Sep 196316 mmud, sand sediments in Mytilus colony
Paromalostomum fusculum Ax, 1952summer 1951eulittoralcoarse and pebbly sandsouth of the Ellenbogens. Undercut of bank sand flats.
Pratoplana galeata Ehlers, 1974Mar 1971sandsouth side, middle sand beach. Numerous.
Pratoplana galeata Ehlers, 1974Sep 1973sandsouth side, middle sand beach. Numerous.
Proceropharynx anophthalmus (Meixner, 1929)Mar 1971sandSouth side Ellenbogen. Detritus rich sand flat.
Adenopharynx mitrabursalis Ehlers, 1972Sep 1970sandsouth side. sand beach, Zostera. 2 specimens.
Microstomum spiculifer Faubel, 1974Oct 1973sandlower sandy beach slope, south side. Some animals.
Protandrella cirrifera Ehlers, Mueller & Franke, 1994Jul 1975South side of "Ellenbogen". Lower intertidal beach slope. 2 specimens.
Archilopsis unipunctata (Fabricius, 1826)Mar 1971Ellenbogen-Südseite. Detritushaltiges Sandwatt. Mehrere Exemplare.
Coelogynopora tenuis Meixner, 1938Mar 1969Ellenbogen-Nordseite. 3 Exemplare.
Dicoelandropora atriopapillata Ax, 1956Mar 1969Ellenbogen-Nordseite.
Notocaryoplanella glandulosa (Ax, 1951)Mar 1969Ellenbogen. Nordseite. Mehrere Exemplare.
Parotoplana capitata Meixner, 1938Mar 1969Ellenbogen-Nordseite. Einige Tiere.
Parotoplanina geminoducta Ax, 1956Mar 1969Ellenbogen-Nordseite. Im Sandhang. Einige Individuen.
Nematoplana coelogynoporoides Meixner, 1938Mar 1969Ellenbogen-Nordseite. Mehrere Exemplare.
Cystiplana paradoxa Karling, 19641964 or earlierNordsee, Sylt, Ellenbogen, im Prallhang

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