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Oslofjord, Drobak (Dröbak) (Sandspollen), Norway

latitude: 59.663334
longitude: 10.631111

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Collected here:

Anaperus tvaerminnensis1940especially common in detritus bottom of shallow bays.
Hallangia proporoidesJuly 26, 193510 mmud clay (Schlamm-Lehmboden)no type locality specified,
Convoluta saliens19355-10 m
Aphanostoma diversicolor1844 or earlier
Nemertoderma westbladisummer, 19355-10 msoft bottom
Nemertoderma westbladi3 July, 193510 msoft bottoma few specimens
Plagiostomum cinctum19355-10 m
Plagiostomum striatumJul 25, 19355-10 m
Ulianinia mollissima1963 or earlierKarling notes distribution of the species. Drøbak (Sandspollen).

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