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Gieysztor M (1931)
Contribution à la connaissance des Turbellariés Rhabdocoèles (Turbellaria Rhabdocoela) d'Espagne.
Bull int Acad Polonaise Sci Lett, Classe Sci Math Nat B 2: 125-153, Plates 13-14

Abstract / Notes

The paper deals with the rhabdocoeles found in the vicinity of Valence. The rhabdocoeles of coastal Europe are
thought possibly to differ from those of central Europe. The author has drawn up a list of rhabdocoeles that
have already been recorded for the coastal plains of Europe. This list includes 8 spp. of Dalyellia, 5 each
of Stenostomum and of Castrada; 4 of Phaenocora, 3 of Mesostoma; 2 each of Macrostomum, Prorhynchus, and
Geocentrophora; 1 each of Opistomum, Olisthanella, Strongylostoma, Rhynchomesostoma, Typhloplana, and
Gyratrix. Nasonov listed for the Mediterranean region of Russia Stenostomum hemisphaericum and S.
levandovskii. To these 39 spp. the author adds the following: Catenula lemnae, Stenostomum arevaloi,
Macrostomum gracile, Dalyellia rubra v. intermedia, D. beltrani, Castrada moroderi, C. sphagnetorum,
Mesostoma lingua, Bothromesostorna personatum, and an aberrant form of Dalyellia cuspidata. These 48 spp.
complete the list for this region. Then follows a discussion of the distribution of the rhabdocoeles. The
rhabdocoeles of Crimea resemble closely those of the Black Sea.

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