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Record # 10246
Heinzel L (1929)
Zur Kenntnis der Rhynchodemiden.
Zool Jahrb 56:425-462

Abstract / Notes

Description of anatomy of land planarians from collection of L. v. Graff with particular consideration of
genotype. The following are described. Platydemus bivittatus Graff, P. victoriae (Dendy), Desmorhynchus
hectori (Rhynchodemus h. Graff); D. blainvillei* (Rhynchodemus b. Graff); D. pellucidus
(Rhynchodemus p. Graff); D. ochroleucus v. belli (Rhynchodemus belli Graff); Rhynchodemus
nolli Graff; R. terristris (Mull.); R. monacensis, Monaco; R. pyrenaicus Graff; Artiocotylus
notabilis(Amblyplana n. Graff). List of rhynchodemides examined to date is given with
classification in the 2 new subfamilies: Rhynchodeminae (type Rhynchodemus terrestris (Mull.)) and
Desmorhynchinae, type Desmorhynchus with D. vejdovskyi (Graff), n. comb.; Rhynchodemus voeltzkowi
(Dolichoplana v. Graff).

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