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Marcus Er (1946)
Sobre Turbellaria brasileiros.
Bol Faculdade Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras; Univ. Sao Paulo Zool. 11:1-254, pl. 1-31 [pp 5-187 text, 31 plates pp 188-254]

Abstract / Notes

A taxonomic-morph. monograph of 17 gen. and 36 spp. of flatworms recognized in a limited portion of the
freshwaters of Brazil, especially about Sao Paulo, a work complementing the author's previous monographs of
the Bryozoa and limnetic Oligochaeta. The numerous ilustrations indicate the wealth of detailed anatomical
study, such as digestive and reproductive mechanisms, rhabdites and glandular organs. Biological notes,
homolo-gies and distr. of cosmopolitan spp. are discussed at length, with keys for the separation of
Brazilian forms from related exotic ones. The following are new: Microstomum delphax, M. evelinae,
Baicalellia evelinae, Microdalyellia sawayai, M. evelinae, M. hymanae, M. trisolena, M. acariaia, M.
intricate, M. uncia, M. therapaina, M. thymara, M. cypris, M. bellis, M. tridesma, Strongylostoma dicorymbum,
Phaenocora bresslaui, P. evelinae, P. chloroxantha, Olisthanella parva, Bothromesostoma evelinae,
Plagiostomum evelinae, MEIDIAMA, with M. lutheri, MINONA, with M. evelinae, BOPSULA, with B. evelinae,
RHODAX, with R. evelinae, Curtisia schubarti, Dugesia nonatoi, D. arndti. There is a 16-page English summary.

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