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Record # 10653
Palombi A (1931)
Turbellari della Nuova Guinea. (Polycladida & Tricladida). Resultats scient.du voyage aux Indes Orient. Neerlandaises de LL. AA. RR. le Prince et la Princesse Leopold de Belgique.
Mem Mus Roy Hist Nat de Belgique Hors Serie 2(8): 1-14

Abstract / Notes

Pseudoceros cinereus & Sorocelis oculimarginata;

Pseudoceros cinereus from Manokwari, and a triclad, Sorocelis oculimarginata from the Arfak at an elevation
of 500 m. The finding of the latter at such a distance from the other spp. of the genus (which are peculiar
to the lakes of Central Asia, especially Baikal, Balkash, Lobmor, etc.) may possibly lend support to the
theory of hologenesis, as advanced by Rosa.

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