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Record # 10765
Sabussowa Z (1929)
Die Turbellarien der Kamtschatka-Halbinsel nach den Sammulgen der Rjabuschinsky-Expedition 1908-1909.
Zool. Jahrb. Syst. 57: 497-536, 14 f., t. 4.

Abstract / Notes

The material obtained from various ponds, lakes and streams is chiefly new. There are detailed descriptions
of Bothromesostoma primitivum, Planaria grubiiformis, Sorocelis relicta. S. eudendrocoeloides, S. elongata,
Bdellocephala mediobuccalis, and B. kamtschatica. There are concluding zoogeographical remarks, particularly
concerning Sorocelis, a genus widely spread throughout waters of an alpine character in that part of Asia
most closely related to the former Angaro-Chinese continent. Close relations between some of the Kamchatka
forms and species in Lake Baikal indicate a common origin of the fauna of the two localities. The species of
Planaria and Bdellocephala found in Kamchatka are all limacolous types and have their nearest relatives in
Lake Baikal forms; they occur in relict waters of postglacial origin. Sorocelis probably invaded Kamchatka
during the Tertiary and withstood a period of strong glaciationin alpine lakes and streams.

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