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Steinböck O (1932)
Zur Turbellarienfauna der Südalpen, zugleich ein Beitrag zur geographischen Verbreitung der Süsswasserturbellarien.
Zoogeographica 1, p. 209-262, 4 f.

Abstract / Notes

From the lake of Garda, and the lakes of Loppio, Tenno, and Ledro, 31 spp. were obtained, 19 of them new for
the territory, including Dalyellia benacensis (p.212). A table of bottom distr. of the turbellarians of the
lake of Garda is given, with discussion of the zoogeographical position of Otomesostoma auditivum and
Plagiostomum lemani, the latter apparently the most interesting find of the expedition. O. auditivum is a
boreo-alpine, cold-stenothermal sp. P. lemani is a pronounced eurythermal animal which prefers warm waters in
which it penetrates to cold depths, if they are rich in oxygen; but it avoids permanently cool regions. In a
chapter on fresh-water Turbellaria of limited geographic distr. it is demonstrated that the common opinion of
world-wide distribution of the small turbellarians is incorrect and that there are spp. of very limited
distr. Finally the spp. which may be called arctic-alpine (boreo-alpine, s. str.), "boreo-alpin"
(boreo-alpine, s. lat.), alpine, and arctic are listed.

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