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Kostenko AG, Mamkaev YuV (1990)
The position of "green convoluts" in the system of acoel turbellarians (Turbellaria, Acoela). 1. Simsagittifera gen. n. 2. Sagittiferidae fam. n.
Zool Zh 69(6):11-21 ; 69(7):5-16

Abstract / Notes

1.  Green convoluts possessing symbiotic algae and sagittocysts are isolated into a genus SIMSAGITTIFERA
is also characterized by a weakly pronounced ciliated antrum, ciliated vagina, and a thin sclerotized nozzle
of bursa; the seminal vesicle does not have its own walls. Seven species are referred to the genus, they
S. schultzei (O. Schmidt, 1852), S. roscoffensis (Graff, 1891), S. japonica (Kato, 1951), S. macnaei (Du
Reymond Marcus, 1957), S. psammophila (Beklemischev, 1957), S. bifoveolata (Mamkaev, 1971), S. nitidae
(Yamasu, 1982). A detailed revision of S. psammophila is given. The comparative description of its
reproductive apparatus contains new data on S. bifoveolata and S. schultzei.

2.  Convoluta sagittifera described by Ivanov (1952) possessing sagittocysts but having no symbiotic algae
is isolated to a monotypic genus SAGITTIFERA gen.n. also characterized by ciliated antrum equipped with
modified sagittocysts. A description is supplied of PRAESAGITTIFERA shikoki gen.n.sp.n. found in Japan
Island). It is characterized by symbiotic green algae, well isolated ciliated antrum covered with muscles,
with no seminal vesicle and sagittocysts. A diagram of evolution of male copulatory organs by Acoela is
presented. A family Sagittiferidae fam.n. with two subfamilies (PRAESAGITTIFERINAE and SAGITTIFERINAE) and
three genera (Praesagittifera, Simsagittifera, and Sagittifera) is isolated with the difference being in the
bag-shaped ciliated antrum isolated to a differing degree, in the absence of a penis or isolated seminal

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