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Faubel A, Regier S (1983)
Anatomy and taxonomy of new Acoela (Turbellaria) from the sublittoralof the northern North Sea. [Alluna, Praecovoluta, Praeanaperus, Eumecynostomum, Pseudomecynostomum, Neomecunostomum]
Senkenbergiana Marit 15(1/3): 1-17.

Abstract / Notes

ALLUNA sublitoralis gen.et sp. nov., Praeconvoluta stephania sp. nov., PRAEANAPERUS tetraposthis gen. et sp.
nov. and EUMECYNOSTOMUM altitudi gen. et sp. nov. are described from offshore areas of the northeren North
Sea. Based on the description of E. altitudi, Pseudmecynostomum Doerjes, 1968 is revised [type species E.
westbladi (Doerjes, 1968) comb. nov. (P. westbladi)]. Pseudmecynostomum is characterized by a proximal
styliform penis consisting of conical, cuticular needles. Neomecynostomum is separated from Pseudmecynostomum
by the presence of a separate prostatic vesicle within the copulatory bulb. In Eumecynostomum all those forms
having a male duct which is surrounded by glandular, lamellae-like cells are united.

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