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Record # 13419
Hyra GS (1993)
Genostoma kozloffi sp. nov. and G. inopinatum sp. nov. (Turbellaria : Neorhabdocoela : Genostomatidae) from leptostracan crustaceans of the genus Nebalia.
Cah Biol Mar 34:111-126

Abstract / Notes

Two new species of the turbellarian genus Genostoma, living under the carapace of leptostracan crustaceans of
the genus Nebalia, are described. Genostoma kozloffi is a symbiont of N. pugettensis in the San Juan
Archipelago of Washington State (USA); G. inopinatum is associated with N. bipes at Roscoff on the Altantic
coast of France. The two species differ from one another, and also from G. tergestinum and G. marsiliense,
both found on N. bipes at Mediterranean localities, in the shape of the body, relative pharynx size, and the
structure of the reproductive system. The arrangement of the reproductive organs and sperm morphology in
species of Genostoma suggest that Dorler (1900) and von Graff (1903) were correct in placing the genus in the
order Rhabdocoela (now usually Neorhabdocoela), rather than in the Alloeocoela (now Prolecithophora) as
proposed by Reisinger (1924). Reisinger's synomizing of Genostoma with Calandruccio's (1897) genus
Hypotrichnia is rejected, because these symbionts of Nebalia are decidedly different from the type species of
Hypotrichnia, which is a free-living member of the Otoplanidae (Prolecithophora).

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