Turbellarian taxonomic database

Record # 13455
Winsor L (1990)
Marine Turbellaria (Acoela) from North Queensland.
Mem Queensland Mus 28(2):785-800

Abstract / Notes

Seven species of free-living acoels are now known from Australia. A new genus, new species and new combination
of haploposthiid acoels are reported. They are WAMINOA litus gen. et sp. nov., two non-sexual Waminoa sp.,
Convolutriloba hastifera sp. nov., and C. japonica (Kato, 1951) comb. nov. The diagnosis for the genus
Convolutriloba Hendelberg and Akesson, 1988, is emended. The heterogeneous convolutid genus Amphiscolops is
reviewed, and the genus Heterochaerus reinstated and emended to accommodate H. australis Haswell, 1905, and
H. sargassi (Hyman, 1939) comb, nov. New records of H. australis and Convolutriloba cf. retrogemma are
reported. A key to free-living acoel genera described from Australian waters is provided.

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