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Record # 14394
Karling TG (1993)
Anatomy and evolution in Cylindrostomidae (Plathelminthes, Prolecithophora).
Zool Scripta 22:325-339

Abstract / Notes

The following species of Cylindrostomidae are redescribed: Cylindrostoma lutheri Westblad, 1955, C.
micropharynx Westblad, 1952, Monoophorum tubiferum Westblad, 1955, M. stiliferum Westblad, 1955 (transferred
to Einarhelmins gen. n.), Allostoma crassicystiferum (Westblad, 1952), A. uterinum (Westblad, 1955), and
Euxinia baltica Meixner, 1938. Three new species are described: Cylindrostoma paralutheri, Allostoma
neostiliferum and A. hopkinsi. A review is given on anatomy and evolutionary trends in Cylindrostomidae.

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