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Record # 15737
Joffe BI, Selivanova RV, Kornakova EE (1997)
Notentera ivanovi n. gen., n. sp. (Turbellaria, Platyhelminthes), a new parasitic turbellarian. [In Russian, English Summary]
Parasitologya (St. Petersburg) 31:126-131 + 1 pl

Abstract / Notes

A new species and genus are founded for an unusual parasitic turbellarian from the gut of a polychaete
Nephthis ciliata from the White Sea. The digestive system is wholly lacking in the worms of any age. In young
and some adult specimens, the epidermis on the dorsal side of the body is slightly higher than that of the
ventral side of the body. In other adult specimens, the dorsal epidermis forms a pad of very high cells (ca.
20 times as high as the ventral epidermis) which has an appearance typical for gastral epithelia. Male
genital system has a very primitive organization, in particular, the testes are represented by several
follicles without tunica propria. Notentera shows similarity to only two turbellarian groups, the Urastomidae
and the Fecampiidae. Both are symbiotic and phylogenetic relationships of both are not clear.

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