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Record # 16175
Faubel A, Blome D, Cannon LRG (1994)
Sandy beach meiofauna of eastern Australia (southern Queensland and New South Wales). 1. Introduction and Macrostomida (Platyhelminthes).
Invertebrate Taxonomy 8(4):989-1007
[doi: 10.1071/IT9940989

Abstract / Notes

This is the first of a series describing new turbellarian and nematode species collected during March and
April 1992, on eulittoral sandy shores of Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, Australia. The
environment and all sampling sites are described. Four new species of Macrostomida (Dunwichia arenosa, gen.
et sp. nov., Bradburia australiensis. gen. et sp. nov., Macrostomum australiense, sp. nov., and Macrostomum
sp. based only on female sexual maturity) were found in eulittoral habitats of sandy beaches, flats and
brackish-water creeks.

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